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Several service providers are available:

The half-day boat trip with Coco who will be happy to show you her island, the lagoon, the Manta rays, the coral garden; of great kindness he will take great care to accompany you in your exploration. Reservation on site at Espace Beach, for a short stay it is best to book in advance, you can contact them from us, the best welcome will be reserved for you: ; Tel: (689) 40 67 80 29 or (689) 87 77 97 84.

The boat trip of the day with Sammy, possibility of picnic on a motu (islet) a beautiful place. Rates, reservations, for a short stay it is best to book in advance, email contact ; tel : (689) 87 76 99 28. Manta rays have their lifestyles that you need to know to know where to find them depending on the time of day, their main site being a cleaning spot near the pass it is better to go there the first time accompanied and know the safety instructions to avoid being boarded on days with strong currents. The diving club allows the best observation of Manta rays.

The nautical centre comes to fetch you free at the residence; maximum 4 skin divers at every short sea trip. You will come upon whales from July till October. In case of a short stay, please, reserve preferably in advance on the website : ; email contact ; tél : (689) 40 67 83 80)

The traditional Tahitian oven organized on Saturday, the only true Tahitian gastronomy, very friendly atmosphere on the beach of a motu, a superb view of the central island, a discovery at a reasonable price if you book directly with the organizers Phirmin and Rose: the meal 2000 XPF (16.76 €) and maritime transfers + land transfers, round trip from Maupiti Residence 1000 XPF (8.38 €) / person, on the occasion of the oven also organize birthdays (supplement to be seen according to your request), reservation: email contact , Phone. (689) 40 67 82 13 or (689) 87 70 74 81. A big thank you to Phirmin for his kindness, his contribution to the authenticity and the influence of the island of Maupiti.

Lagoon or sea fishing for experienced people to book on site depending on the availability of Phirmin and the favorable conditions for fishing, his boat a Polynesian invention poti marara will surprise you, the rates vary depending on the fees.

Land discovery activities are suggested, Maupiti residence is also now equipped with a 4x4 vehicle especially made for a tour of the island if you wish by asking us, allowing you to see historical sites, shots, craftmen, shops. Reservation on site.

The tour round of the island is guided by Albert, teller of legendary stories, with about ten sites to visit, and each reservation is made on site tel : (689) 40 678 364.

Visit to the "palace of the sea" of my friend Ha-Ky, extraordinary artist, poet-sculptor of the magical imagination born from the identity dimension of Ha-Ky, of his "pu-fenua" put in a shell, explaining the particular link of Ha-Ky with the sea, of man with nature in the Polynesian tradition. Ha-Ky sings Maupiti his island, songwriter his songs are part of the artistic heritage of Polynesia and far beyond, he will show you his shell house and corals, will accompany you in search of petroghyphs, not easy to find and to not to be confused with the turtle sculpture offered by the Rapa Nui (Easter Island). go to the door of dream and poetry

A Maupiti Residence also will enjoy this moment Polynesian at your pace, we are not a conventional boarding house benefits with a series of activities and meal times imposed. You have in your package a wide range of facilities to enjoy the magic of the site. We removed the rental catamaran reserved for some initiates to offer more autonomy and freedom. You want to see manta rays, coral garden, fishing, snorkeling or a walk around the island, you can rent the canoe 3 seater equipped with an engine and two pendulums with good stability, shallow draft facilitate your navigation, the lagoon is quiet but in no way to approach the pass and by strong south swell and strong wind prefer another occupation as windsurfing. The canoe is available from August 2023.

Exceptional mountain hike usually accessible without a guide south of the village, not recommended for children under 10 years old, wear suitable shoes (no slippers) on dry ground, preferably in the morning the air is cooler and the light is the best to take very beautiful photos between 8 and 12 h, bring a bottle of water, duration 3 to 4 hours approximately, for your safety bring a mobile phone (emergency service: 87 342 575 or 87 342 574) see the village map to locate the starting point near the Mormon church on your right, 50 m from the road, a white marker crossed out with red on a tree trunk marks the start of the trail and above all return by the same path (the concrete staircase near the Tarona restaurant and the Maupiti massage path are no longer authorized for safety reasons).

Possibility of a long hike on the mountain crest between the bridging road and the village. Visit of the A'ata Valley, to travel in the past ( in the pirogue of Haro), plan for a guide you will find on the spot.
In case of a short stay, please, reserve preferably in advance on the website :
Skin divers center : - email : tel : (689) 40 67 83 80.
Sammy tours email : tel : (689) 87 76 99 28.
Snorkling is at 150 m on right of the residence.
Situated on the island, you have a large freedom of moving and you can go easily to the close islet (motu) by walking across the lagoon in front of the residence.
Starting from the beach. A kite surf spot at 100 m on left of the residence, ideal at 800 m with cross wind on a sandy background in 80 cm deep water, departing from the beach. Kite surf rental at Espace Beach 50 meters from Maupiti residence: 10 000 XPF (83.80 €) per day, contact email tel: (689) 40 67 80 29
"Maupiti: THE world freeride spot but the locals are discreet as they are afraid of being invaded. A small white sand beach with 2 snacks a huge lagoon of translucent turquoise water with stingrays and black tip sharks that spin under the board .We walk on square kilometers. flat enough for freestyling. It looks like bora but zero jetski, zero boats, zero people. During the week alone until 3 p.m. when the locals finish working and come to ride. There are 2 or 3 bungalows on the spot (Maupiti residence?) ”Pierreali's review on (See informations : )
A large beach house ( house with your feet straightaway in sand at 5 m from beach, lagoon view shots, a motu (islet), a barrier of a coral reef, sunset) of 72 m², 2 air-conditioned bedrooms ( please, precise us for this option when you fill in for reservation), mosquitoes curtains on windows, bathroom (hot water), kitchen (gas cooker, over cooker, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, electric boiler, fridge with freezer, sink with 2 bowls, hot water, plates and dishes, etc), settee, television, DVD lecturer, society games, DVD and a few books, house linen and beach towels provided, ethernet and wifi internet access, an hotel telephon to call free restaurants, skin diving club, health services and others, small safe box, electricity 24h/24h, terrace looking over the lagoon, outside second shower room ( very appreciated when back from the beach), barbecue with a sink fitted in the working surface, coco grater. change of sheets and cleaning every 3 days, linen washing machine, washing powder, cleaning materials. At disposal all equipment for welcomed babies ( 2 baby beds with beddings, 2 high baby chairs with high tables and 2 bikes with baby seats.). Privacy for your house ( no one else can stay in it as customer), it is your home
We are available during your whole stay to give you information or details, to advise, run all services and solve everyday trouble. We will also be able to be discreet in regard for your peace of mind.

Leisure equipments and free activities (see Activities)

Maupiti Residence carries on investing for your comfort : large beds of hostelery quality, new arrangement in the bathroom and new fittings in the kitchen. The option for higher category is regarding the equipment of the beach N°1 fare.

Beach Fare N°1: 2 bedrooms with air-conditioning
Beach Fare N°2 : 1bedroom with air-conditioning (second bedroom in wait for equipment).
Please, choose you option when you are filling in for reservation.
Free Wifi access without an access code. Our wifi cover is tweened with an ethernet network (cable), also, at disposal we have an internet routeur and a hub to rechange; consequently, we are not taken for being responsible of any eventual dysfonctioning troubles regarding telephon network or our internet provider.
Cleaning service on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday (the cleaning is included in the package).If you wish, complementary cleaning service of your fare : 1600 XPF (13,41 €) VAT included/hour, minimum ½ hour counted : 800 XPF (6,7 €).

Meal service at home

The "Espace Beach" guesthouse delivers free meals to the terrace of your house and welcomes you at 50m in its superb setting of Terei'a beach area 7 days out of 7 days from Breakfast 7:00 to 8:00 am, dinner from 6:30 to 7:00 pm with free delivery to your home terrace, and, will accept credit cards : Visa Mastercard. Please, reserve in advance the night before, because of irregular service which can be suspended by supplies contraints, another snack is in this case serving on our demand.

Means to get your best budget

  • - In your bungalow you will find out a well equipped kitchen, a terrace to eat and a table outside under shade with barbecue and a working surface with sink.
  • - Supply of food, drink, beer, wine, direct telephone line service from your bungalow, 300 XPF (2.51 €) per race, minimum order: 3 000 XPF (25,14 €).
  • - At proximity of the residence, the Terei'a beach small snack ' Mimi' is open everyday till 3:00 pm (good, generous, not expensive but its menu is limited at a few meals and you must be patient).
  • - The Nehenehe snack bar delivers to your terrace for 500 XPF (4.19 €), direct telephone line from your bungalow (good, generous, economical price).
  • - Pizza at home, telephone line from your bungalow, delivery package 400 XPF (3,35 €), varied and good.
  • - In the village you will have a small shop with baker and we recommend the Tarona restaurant (here you have to think of a budget of 1200 to 1800 XPF say about 10 or 15 € per person, at a distance of 3,5 km to 4 km or 2,5 km by using the bridging road asking you to be more sportif yet it is in my opinion very exceptional.
  • - Our partnership with other pensions and restaurants will allow you to discover other magnificent sites in case of need of lunch or dinner. In particular, on the motu (islets), if enough supplied, and within a reservation of 48 to 72 hours before.
  • The Breakfast is not included in the reservation package to allow you to choose between the possibility of using your kitchen or the Espace Beach snack service 50 meters away, 7 days a week, credit card accepted Visa and MasterCard. Book the day before for the next day: its operation is irregular and the service may be suspended due to supply constraints. The small snack "Mimi" also offers an on-site breakfast service, to be booked the day before.

    Since the end of the weekly rotations of the Maupiti Express and Tahiti Nui VI boats, the island of Maupiti has been under severe supply constraints. The nearby Espace Beach snack bar generally works (the service may be suspended due to supply constraints, we use another snack bar). You can book on site when you arrive. The Espace Beach snack imposes the menu and the common table of their residents, but you can have it delivered for free to your bungalow to eat facing the lagoon, at sunset and in complete privacy. Our reception service is available throughout your stay to inform you, advise you, and to manage all the services and resolve small daily problems.

    Optionally, you can let us know your supply wishes:
    • - Possibility of stopping at the store at the time of transfer for some purchases (water, drinks, food and fruit).
    • - The Nehenehe snack , normally open on Sunday evening, delivers you to your terrace for 500 XPF (4.19 €), direct telephone line from your bungalow (good, generous, economical price).
    • - Pizza at home, open on Sunday evening, direct telephone line from your bungalow (varied, good), delivery package 400 XPF (3,35 €).
    • - You will find various menus on our sites . The meals (or) the shopping list have to be paid cash on sites.

    At proximity of the residence, the 'Espace Beach' snack is at 50 m (please, reserve in advance, can be closed due to the supplying contraints); the 'Mimi' snack at 110 m ( breakfast and lunch). The tour of the Island is about 9 km, the village is accessible by a flat road, 3,5 up to 4 km or by the bridging road asking you to be more sportif yet it is in my opinion very exceptional point of view. At 3 km up to 3,5 km, you will see groceries, the Tarona restaurant, beginning of mountain hikes. Drinking water springs at 300 m, stone sculpture: 300 m, petroglyphs: 3 km, Marae: 2.5 km (at shortest). Opposite Maupiti Residence, ford access to the islet of Motu Auira: 800 meters, free transfer from Sammy tours to discover the lagoon and picnic at the family motu, the diving club picks you up for free, snorkeling: 150 meters by the beach on the right, kite surfing: 100 m on the left, promenade lovers on the left. See opposite a map of the island and of the village.

    Finding yourself cut off is the attraction of Maupiti, but its shops are suffering from hazards of irregular and limited supplies and you wish particular items like champagne it is much preferable to bring your own bottle of champagne because of its cost.

    The local production is limited at a few vegetables and fruit with some times of rarety. Some supplies points : (small market in the village in the morning during the week, petrol station, at manu's, fruit at the exit of the village or from our staff).

    If we are enough supplied, you will buy lobster at 2 500 XPF ( 20,95 €) /kg and fish at 800 to 1 500 XPF (6,7 to 12,57 €) / kg it depends on the type of fish. Late 2022, we have plans to provide you with a lobster aquarium.

    Maupiti Residence is provided by the council network, bringing water which is not treated, soft, clear, rare, regulated with parsimony by Maupiti town for 2 hours and during 1 or 2 days.
    Our water comes essentially from rains falling from roofs well storaged in burried containers.
    This water, even if it is very clean, can not be considered as drinking.
    For its use, the population goes to the springs to get drinking water ( the nearest spring is at 300 m from the residence. At the drinking water points that you can recognise because of a solar panel which is set on a small concrete building. Filtered spring water is free … for now, a system of a prepayed card will be put into setting by the town hall.
    To help you out, you will be able to buy bottles of water on sale in the shop

    Olivier says "Just to arrive at Maupiti airport you can guess your stay will be special. Boat transfer then to the main island where the owners Alain and Nhung come to fetch you with a 4x4 vehicle. Maupiti residence is located at the top of the island, when the road is ending.You are near an extraordinary lagoon, a white sandy beach just for you.The best place of this island with no doubt"

    Arrival to the airport, you are on a motu ( islet), then you recognise your luggage and take the shuttle bringing you to the village ( duration 12 to 20 mn, you pay on the boat) 750 XPF (6,28 €) per adult and 500 XPF (4,19 €) per child and per transfer except in case of modifications of the person receiving benefits.) When leaving motu, we sometimes deplore a variable wait depending on the constraints of Air Tahiti staff. The shuttle is also a mean to discover life on Maupiti and the possibility of stopping at the Store during the car transfer (except Sunday afternoon, stores closed).

    At the village quay, you are welcomed with a crown of flowers according to a Polynesian tradition, the Maupiti Residence car will wait for you, a fixed price of the transfer, say a return ticket for the drive between the village quay and Maupiti Residence 1000 XPF or 8,38 € per person, half tariff for children, free for babies, is paid with the balance. Ground transfer is free for long stays (stays longer than 14 days).

    If you come from another pension, we organize your transfer with the other pension the day before your arrival. In case of need, please, join our reception office on this following phone number : 87 302 201.

    There is now a cash machine in Maupiti. Provide sufficient cash. Payments are made in XPF only (the Euro is not used).
    At disposal we have payments by credit cards and sales on line of all lodging and leisures only made in Maupiti Residence. However, except the ' Espace Beach ' snack which accept the Visa Card or Master Card, no store, snack or restaurant, activity provider don't do credit card and payments in euros are rarely accepted. Only local cheques ( banking or CCP) of Polynesia are authorised.
    The Faa'a Airport has a currency money converter ; Euros, Dollars, it can be out of oder, the rate can be the same as the bank's one. For your information there is no difference between XPF (official) and CFP (local phrase)

    The reservation of dates is validated by the attribution of an option and the sending of the payment form (unless mentioned, the simple stage of exchanging information on availability does not commit us).

    Your reservation is confirmed by paying with a partial payment of one night per week reserved.

    Reservation :

    • • Reservation for over 90 days : down payment of 1 night / per week
    • • Reservation for less 90 days : total payment for the stay
    balance outstanding :
    • • Full payment 90 days before your arrival, - on your demand and with our agreement we may accept a payment at your convenience.
      In case of no respect of this clausus there is a cancellation of your reservation (but we care of sending you a preliminary reminder).
    • • For bookings more than 15 days, free return ground land transfers (from the village quay to Maupiti Residence).
    • • The possible meals, optional services and transportation have to be paid on site
    Cancellation :
    • • Cancellation with 90 days before the scheduled date of arrival : penalty of 1 night / per week (down payment)
    • • Cancellation with 90 days up to 60 days before the scheduled date of arrival : penalty of 25 % of the balance + down payment
    • • Cancellation with 59 days up to 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival : penalty of 50 % of the balance + down payment
    • • Cancellation with 29 days up to 15 days before the scheduled date of arrival : penalty of 75 % of the balance + down payment
    • • Cancellation less than 15 days before the scheduled date of arrival : penalty of 100 % of the balance + down payment


    Payment by credit transfer or directly on line by credit cards : visa, mastercard. The RIB (Identity Bank account details) and the payment agreement form will be sent as annexed documents to you. The agreed payment by credit card has to be returned us via email. The securised payment by Polynesia OSB does not necessitate to give us your cryto code. The amount can be written in XPF or Euros, the equivalence of change is fixed.
    We accept local cheques of Polynesia and cash in XPF (FCFP) only.

    Payment by credit transfer or directly on line by credit cards : visa, mastercard. The RIB (Identity Bank account details) and the payment agreement form will be sent as annexed documents to you. The agreed payment by credit card has to be returned us via email.

    We accept cash in XPF (FCFP) nd local cheques ( bank or CCP) of only Polynesia

    A Health Center with a doctor, a nurse at home, medical evacuation by helicopter (an exceptional standing for such a small island). See the village map and opposite the one of the island.
    No chemist's place, but in case of emergency, in the health center there is some medecine provided that we are well stocked. Drugs can be ordered in Papeete against reimbursement and sent by plane.
    Most of the water supply comes from rain collection. Plant waste is recycled by composting. Nhung collects algae to grow watermelons and salads in the sand. The fruits of the garden can be eaten in peace, no pesticide treatment is practiced. No lamppost has been installed at Maupiti residence to allow you to observe the starry sky without light pollution. We buried the electrical and telephone networks to preserve the natural setting of the Terei'a beach site, territory of sacred egrets, high places of legends (the tip Terei'a varua: the flight of souls, the cave of the lizard) and unexplained phenomena quite real in front of Maupiti Residence (the annual mass passage of fish and periodically the where the tuna are lost).

    There are books on the island of Maupiti but they are not in English draduits.

    A few books written in french as « Maupiti » of Claude ENER (CHARNAY René) 1969, Arthaud.
    Re-issued book in 1995 of the very beautiful series ' Notebooks of Oceania ' to the publishers of the Pacific.
    he author, administrator of colonies gives a description of life on MAUPITI - tiny island of less 20 kilometer square in the middle of ocean - in the 50's, sure this narration must be read.

    « My island Maupiti » of André Ropiteau, famous Bourgogne wine negotiater (trade of a tradition which continues), was born in 1904 in Meursault and discovered Tahiti and Maupiti during his worldwide tour. He married Tauaroa, had on hand at once his trade and his presence in Maupiti. He built a house in Maupiti; a house that he described in his book ' My island Maupiti ' as : « a lonely coconut tree will swing its palms on the top of my roof; the view will spread on the reef, the motu of the pass and the very close mountain .» Jacques Boullaire illustrated these texts. André Ropiteau took a lot of photographies, that helps us to get the daily life knowing better at that time.

    At the publisher of the Motu, in the form of a small box holding 3 books : Immemorials, Marriage of Loti and my island Maupiti, cloth binding, leather back, 1993.

    You will be on the central island, mosquito density is low, unlike the motus (small islands) there must be good personal protection, similarly in case of heavy rain there is a general increase in mosquitoes. The houses Beach and Villa have screens on windows and if necessary the terrace can be protected by mosquito coils placed at your disposal.The use of Monoi oil with lemongrass is a repellent also recommended for its mechanical effect: the mosquito skids ... In paradise, mosquitoes are reminiscent sometimes you that you are not dreaming.

    The cockerels live freely on the Polynesian islands. But you could believe some of them sound to be from the metropolis to be singing within time lag...At Tahiti, I have even seen an hotel which was providing ear plugs.
    Each cockerel marks then its territory, as soon as it is not hearing its neighbour it takes its place.

    Yet, you have to be aware that, if we have not any more cockerel, our population of centipede (scolopendra are on the whole islands and islets of Polynesia, as much as the cockerels) will increase, even if in Maupiti Résidence our houses built on high piles place you far away of a very painful encounter, cockerels are handy to the island. Advices to people who would be lodged in a proximity ground level house during their journey similar to the polynesian accomodation : shake your clothes and shoes every morning.

    In conclusion, yet I understand you because a paradise is not perfect.

    We do not do camping, you have a camping site on the central island, Maupiti Camping contact email tel: +689 87 26 66 60

    You will be astonished to notice a polynesian unit of measurement which has no link with a scientific value < ' le tas '( = the lot) > subjective quantity sold as such as one article.

    A few indicative prices :
    • • Bread : 0,44 € per baguette
    • • Fresh butter 250 gr : 2,64 € / box
    • • Liquid milk 1 liter : 1,19 € / box
    • • Local ground coffee 500 gr : 6,85 € / package
    • • Rice (long grain) : 1,14 € / kg
    • • 12 eggs : 4,63 € / package
    • • Spaghetti pasta : 0,88 € / package
    • • Meat (from Uruguay good quality) : 17,83 € / kg
    • • Fish : 6,70 € / kg, (the tuna is sold in fillet of 8,38 € ou 12,57 €)
    • • Lobster : 16,76 € à 20,95 € / kg
    • • Local beer of 30 cl in box and 50 cl in bottle (not including the deposit) : 2,10 € / unit
    • • Wine : 15,92 € the bottle
    • • Papaya : 0,84 à 1,68 € unit
    • • Bananas : 2,51 € / tas
    • • Mangoes : (6 or 7) 8,38 € / tas (free pick-up at the Residence, in season)
    • • Tomatoes : 4,19 € / kg
    • • Cucumbers (5 or 6) : 2,93 € / tas
    • • sweet peppers : 4,61 € / tas
    • • Water : 0,92 € / 1,5 liters

    On the island so small everyone knows each other. the people care about everyone , we have also a council police who does beats on the island.
    The villa is located at the end of a road with no way out and we have my friend Sammy who arranges his guesthouse on the access road 75 meters below of the ' Mangos' Villa.
    When you are away, the villa is securised with an alarm system at disposal. Permanently day and night, IP cameras supervise the surroundings and access, photos and videos alarms are straightaway sent to a mobile phone and registered on a website; the villa built on piles limits the possibility of intrusion. The neighbourhood is good.

    We have a collection of fruit trees, mango, papaya, carambola, grapefruit, soursop, lemon, cinnamon apple, star apple, water apple, banana, coconut, cocoa, guava, longan, breadfruit, orange, tangerine, dragon fruit, durian, fig, pista, tamarind, avocado.
    Pick-up equipment is available to you: a pole, a seat for grating the coconut, a stripping spike and a machete.
    You can pick our mangoes, star fruit and passion fruit. If you want other fruits, ask Nhung to make the right choice for you, she will find the fruits for you when they are ripe and know how to take them without damaging the trees. She also knows how to handle the machete safely to open the coconuts. Thank you for your understanding, the fruits are to be picked wisely.

    The tourism has assigned us 3 Tiare out of 3 (at the time it was the maximum)
    Our references : Lonely Planet
    - 2nd on the top of the 5 best refers of quality/price of french Polynesian ;
    - 1st at the top of Maupiti accommodation ;
    - Your favourite.
    Our label :
    We remain independent of the Polynesian label "ia ora" a paid label with standardized standards, to offer you the best between guest house and vacation home.

    During 3 months spent in the countryside of the Mekong delta, in Nhung's family, my wife, as well by discovering at the same time the culture and the Vietnamian people, I am finding again a warm welcome and the conviviality of the polynesian life in Maupiti. This is my fifth trip, first Nhung m prompt to Home house of his native village. Instead of humanity, compassion, It is close to a school, the land was belonging to the grand-father.

    The dispensary care Hung My Tu is the story of Giau, Nhung's brother, when Nhung's mum went ill and for a long time, Giau made a wish to become a monk if her mother cured. After 3 years spent in the temple, the monks did not want to know about this sacrifice, they taught him sciences of medicinal plants and the art of curing by acupuncture. Since that time, Giau is in a free way in charge of 2 dispensaries and wishes to rebuild the one in his village Xa Hoa My.

    For 25 years, the house has been curing, feeding, lodging, cheering. The ancestral medical knowledge recognised by authorities completes the one of the hospital in town. Collected medicinal plants are treated, storaged, distributed. Five medical care beds, kitchen and accomodation are available, 6 practitioners relay, 3 herbelists and 3 cooks complete the team.

    Maupiti Residence partnering with the reconstruction of the clinic by donating € 1 per night, also offers:

    • The host table at Villa des Manguiers, dream views, Vietnamese cuisine, the price at your discretion is donated in full to the charity of the dispensary care. A book with Alain and Nhung
    • The visit to the Mango villa, soft drinks and cakes, contribution to your appreciation
    • Balance of donations:
      2015 Maupiti Résidence having achieved an occupancy rate of 94.5%, pays € 690 (82,339 XPF),
      Other: repayment gesture of Air France: 600 € (71 599 XPF) and various: 400 € (47 733 XPF),
      2016 Maupiti Résidence: occupancy rate 98.5%, pays 720 € (85,919 XPF ). Others: 378 € (45,000 XPF ).
      2017 Maupiti Résidence : taux d’occupation 96,8 %, verse 707 € (84 368 XPF). Autres : 108,94 € (13 000 XPF).
      2018 Maupiti Residence: occupancy rate 96.8%, country 707 € (84,368 XPF). Others: 108.94 € (13,000 XPF).
      2019 Maupiti Residence: occupancy rate: 97.08%, deposit: 714 € (85,196 XPF). Others: 222 € (26,500 XPF).
      Total: 6,009.39 € (717,111 XPF) or 158,347,426 VND, knowing that the purchasing power is at least x 2, donations to the health clinic in Nhung's native village will be greatly appreciated.
      Use of funds: in particular the manufacture of apothecary furniture with small drawers to store medicinal plants. Wood was found in the mountains, Teak is a healthy wood that is particularly resistant to pests (the one sold in stores was treated and therefore unsuitable for keeping medicines), tiling and thermal insulation in treatment rooms, maintenance of the car received as donation and driver training, purchase of a large dryer for medicinal plants.
      We thank you with all our heart and will not fail to communicate to you the annual report after our return from Vietnam.
      Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều.
      - Hung mỹ tự -

    Maupiti Residence carries on investing more in for your comfort :1 large bed 160x200 and 2 beds 90x200 of hostelery quality, a new arrangement of the bathroom and the kitchen fittings. An extra of 2 000 XPF (16,76 €) VAT included per fare and per night is on top of the the standard category. Only one beach house is available at an upper class category. If it was not vacant, a standard category still stands comfortable and is appreciated by its charming bamboo furnishings.The beds are smaller: 1 bed 140 X190 and 2 beds 90X190.
    Air-conditioning is not included in price, it is an option on top.

    In Polynesia, the cyclonic risk goes from November to April. French Polynesia is among the regions of the world least affected by cyclones, there are much worse elsewhere, but that does not mean that it is spared. Maupiti was in the eye of cyclone Osea in 1997.
    Our houses and villas are the anticyclonic standards, built on the central island they are protected from the effect of the cyclonic swell by a large motu (small islands), the tourists accommodated on the motu are usually evacuated in the “house of prayer”… no because their last hour has come but because this large house, which is also used to welcome religious associations, is equipped with a kitchen, toilets and sleeping arrangements. The order is to stay inside the houses.

    There is no car rental agency in Maupiti.
    The island of Maupiti is very small (about 9 Kms), bicycles are available free of charge at the beach fare and at the villa des mangoiers, a store delivers the beach fare at home, delivery package: 300 XPF (2.51 €), minimum order 2000 XPF (16.76 €) and when Alain travels to the village you can do your shopping.

    Our 4X4 Suzuki jimmy car is not for rent, it is part of an optional package of the Villa of mango trees accessible by a mountain path, 140 meters (nice panorama but it remains sporty on foot). Access to the beach by a shaded staircase, tropical vegetation, 65 meters (118 steps). If you do not take the 4X4 car package, a transport service to go to the store is specially set up at your request for the Villa of mango trees.

    Best price / quality rate: our success means that we do not have to resort to agencies (impose a price alignment including the 10 to 20% + commission), distance selling without charge on the bank card, air conditioning consumption at cost price to be paid on site, management cost limited by a full payment all inclusive before your arrival, cancellation policy.

    It is very difficult to recommend accommodation but to offer you some simple criteria for making your choice:
    1-The choice is made between the central island (offers more freedom and activities)
    and the motu (experience of a small world closed on a small island, for a short stay the isolation will be bearable and full of charm).
    2-Between homestay immersion (experience of Polynesian family life, warm welcome, but also sharing the bathroom more often)
    and a bungalow (more privacy).
    3-The photos offered by the site are sometimes misleading: to differentiate between those who offer beautiful landscapes but little image of proximity to their accommodation (exterior / interior) is suspect
    and those who show their immediate environment, the best is to go to Google Maps (Proximity to the beach? views? hikes? sites?).

    In conclusion, to refine your search, we recommend the advice of Lonely Planet who goes there without warning of their visit. Quick Return on Investing Guide Purchase.

    The blogs of our travelers bring you some answers
    Sara gives practical information:
    • • Why Maupiti Residence
    • • The position
    • • Structure
    • • Treatment and prices
    • • The beach
    • • And services
    • • When to book
    • • Payment
    • • The owners
    • • Useful tips
    • • Watch our video on Maupiti!
    His blog is in Italian, the translation is excellent with the Google chrome browser (click on the page and select translate into English) or any other browser configured for page translation.
    See Sara blog: